If you are having a problem with your computer you are free to call us and ask questions, but the easiest way to find out what the real problem would be to bring it in. It is truly hard to give good answers to questions of what might be wrong because computers to do all sorts of neat and frustrating thngs. We give free estimates, so it isn't costing anything to find out what is REALLY going on with your system.

 We will plug it up and walk through the problem you are having so that we both feel comfortable with what is going on.


 What if my system is beyond repair?

If you bring us a system and it turns out the repair is out of your price range or it is not an upgradable system we might have something to fit your budget in our used line of computers. We also custom build new computers to suit.

 A wise man once asked "What does a man who goes to buy 1 inch drill bits want?" The answer, of course, is: the man wants holes. So, what would you say a person with a broken computer want? They want to do whatever it is they do on a computer and it doesn't matter much about what the system is just that it meets their needs.  We can meet the need, whatever it might be.